As an artist, I try to build a world that is unique to every individual. As an artistic medium, I aim to pull you out of one world and place you in a visually appealing world that makes you feel alive. My name is Kavita Sagar and I was born in India. I’m a contemporary ‘Mixed Media Artist’ who studied in India, Rajasthan. This is where I enthusiastically committed my education to achieve a Masters in Fines Arts (2004). To underpin my education, I achieved a Doctorate in 2012 for Post Modernism and the Contemporary Art of Rajasthan. Spirituality is the essence of life and coming from India with all its different backgrounds, I embody that spirituality completely. Being a very well-travelled individual who has lived in India, Dubai, Kenya and finally London has shown me that art has no boundaries! My wealth of experience is reflected in my passion – art. Initially painting was my specialty. Shortly, after my degree, I started experimenting with a variety of exciting mediums. This resulted in in creatively developing techniques and specialist skills. My inspiration comes from antique markets; the sense of being vintage gives you the awareness that art is regenerated to form memories for the future generation. Art is timeless. I have loved the perception that arises from exploring on different surfaces. Art has its beauty but it can also be extremely useful: Up cycling, Re cycling and experimenting on different surfaces. The results are stunning and reflects that art has no limitation.

Currently, my concept of art is not only restricted to the wall; the perception of art being everywhere and takes you on an inspirational journey is ignited – this my philosophy. In my opinion you live, breathe and eat art! Creating art so that it is useful and beautiful on the eye is my aim. Art can be with you as you travel, as you eat, as you sleep and as you dream. The results are stunning and reflects that art is freedom that your mind creates. Imagine it! Experiment it! Create it!